What is Wellness?


"Wellness is awareness. It is user defined.
Someone confined to a wheel chair may describe wellness
differently than a mobile athlete,
just as someone with cancer may define good health
differently than someone cancer free."
~Susan Veale BSc. KIN
Natural Health Practitioner


Bachelor of Science - University of Waterloo (Honours Kinesiology)

Natural Health Practitioner

Certified Reflexologist

Reiki Master

E.M.F. Practitioner

Certified Pilates Instructor

Advanced Chiropractic Assistant

Course Certifications in Homeopathy

Course Certifications in Lab Services & Hormone Assessment

Journalist & Author

Trained Mindfulness Meditation Teacher


Health Patterns

In my practice, three health patterns prevail.

  • The first is an acute injury or trauma such as a soft tissue injury.
  • The second is an acute infection such as a cold where the body needs rest and a rebalancing of the immune system.
  • The third is a chronic imbalance and loss of vitality, often as a result of an emotional scar caused by a disappointment in the past, a past that may have included disharmony within relationships, employment, addictions or fears. When illness starts in a thought form and is held over a period of time, the thought or “burdened emotion” can stress and weaken the immune system. With a weakened immune system or a system out of balance, “dis-ease” can then manifest a physiological change within the body at the cellular level.

My clinic becomes a healing gate that opens to a safe place, a place where people can heal their wounds through the vitality of wellness.

Thirty years ago when I first started in medicine, I was invited to attend a health seminar. The guest speaker made the following statement.


No practitioner of any discipline, including medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists or natural health practitioners actually heal the body but in fact, “The power that made the body is the only force with the ability to heal the body.” Practitioners are trained in their disciplines to advise and act according to their training but the ultimate healing takes place from “above down, inside out.”


Throughout my career, I have never varied from this teaching. To prove how effective this understanding is, I ask new clients a simple question. If you cut your finger, "How does it heal?" "Does it heal from the inside out or the outside in?"

If your health vitality is not where you want it to be, Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you get onto your natural path to wellness.

Achieving Wellness Naturally
Clients often find their way to my clinic exhausted and frustrated having traveled their pathway of illness through the framework of our provincial health care system. By the time we meet, many have been told their symptoms are too vague to give a clear diagnosis.

Allopathic medicine is a must and has its place as our primary health care. It is excellent in facilitating many diagnoses and offering unprecedented first aid crisis medicine for heart attacks, aneurisms, fractures, haemorrhages and more yet it has its limitations as the wholeness of vitality cannot be remedied with first aid.

Natural medicine encompasses the individual not the disease state. Natural medicine works in harmony with the body through the chemistry of nutrition, natural supplements and hands on healing and modern scientific knowledge.

As a Kinesiologist and Natural Health practitioner, people ask me for help with fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer, heart disease, women's hormonal issues and conditions such as migraine headaches, low energy and allergies. Mothers want answers as to why their children cannot sit still in a classroom. “Can you cure my problem?” is a most commonly asked question. I answer with complete honesty and say, “No, I cannot cure your condition but I can teach you how to heal and help yourself or your child."

Part of my role is to educate people about his or her body and help them to understand that the human body has within itself, a self-regulating, self-adjusting homeostatic system. In other words, the body is programmed to continually adjust itself in order to function well on all levels.

The first line of defence for the body is the immune system. When the immune system is under stress, it is more difficult for the body to heal.

The body is comprised of an estimated 75 trillion cells with each having a specific job to do. How well a cell performs is in direct proportion to the health of the cell. The basic nutrients for good cellular health are carbohydrates for energy production, vitamins and minerals for catalysts, phospholipids (essential fatty acids) for enzyme activity, water and protein for building cells. If cells are compromised and weak, the body will end up in a dis-eased state.

When a client asks for dis-ease help, my job is to recognize through non-invasive testing, a cellular dysfunction and recommend how to refuel the cell allowing it to repair itself. Methods used vary but each is designed to help the body restore naturally. In Natural Health, the disease label is not important. What is important is how well the body functions as a healing unit.

For those who come to me I tell them the pathway to good health through natural medicine may take a little longer but the journey is worth the time.

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If your health vitality is not where you want it to be, Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you get onto your natural path to wellness.



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